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15 years of experience in the exhibition, the practical faction, teach you these five tips of the Ca

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15 years of experience in the exhibition, the practical faction, teach you these five tips of the Ca

Tip 1: choose the right show

So how to choose the right exhibition?

Point 1 defines the enterprise's own position

First of all, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably position enterprises, products and markets. Only in this way can we have face-to-face communication and competition with foreign buyers. In selecting the exhibition, enterprises should first combine their own positioning and conditions to screen, and the evaluation includes enterprise positioning: the industry and specialty they are engaged in, whether they are factories, traders or enterprises integrated with industry and trade, profit model, etc.

Point 2 assess the scale of the show and focus on the quality of buyers

Through information inquiry, you can learn about the organizer's organizational strength, formality, internationality, the reputation of the exhibition industry and the previous exhibitions, including the number and composition of exhibitors, the number and composition of visitors, etc. So as to judge the leadership of the exhibition in the industry and whether it is worth participating.

At the same time, I would like to remind you that we should pay attention to a few problems during the exhibition:

Cat greasy one: fake International Exhibition. Under the international banner, the name of the exhibition written in the prospectus is "XX International Exhibition". However, it was found that there was not a foreign enterprise or a foreign professional audience at the exhibition site.

Maoni II: make up the organizer or confuse the exhibitors with similar names. Nowadays, there are generally industry associations or authoritative organizations / companies as the organizers of exhibitions. Some exhibition companies, without the support of the organizers, make up a virtual sponsor, or register a company whose name is similar to the famous exhibition organization in the industry, confused and unaware.

Cat greasy three: false promise. Some exhibitions attract more enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and promise enterprises that the exhibition scale can reach tens of thousands of square meters and how many industry leading enterprises will participate in the exhibition. However, the enterprises didn't call it a bluff until the opening of the exhibition. Not only the scale was far from the promise of the exhibition company, but also there were few decent enterprises in the industry, let alone famous brands and professional buyers.

Maoni 4: temporarily change the exhibition venue. When applying for exhibition, the exhibition venue is a well-known exhibition hall, but when it is launched, it is another unprofessional place.

Maoni 5: wrong version. In fact, there are not many enterprises in this major, but all of them are unrelated enterprises. The whole exhibition is a patchwork of "hodgepodge". It can't achieve the effect of exhibition exchange.

Maoni 6: ride show. During the development of a well-known exhibition in an industry, a "Li Kui" exhibition was set up in another exhibition hall by using the similar exhibition name to deceive those enterprises who have no experience in the exhibition and do not know the industry very well.

Tip 2: invite a meeting

Wonderful is prepared. Kung Fu is beyond poetry! The reason why our venue is full, one exhibition can receive thousands of customers, half of which are invited! Every exhibition, we will prepare three months in advance, actively invite potential customers, and form a meeting schedule, or even subdivide into time periods! Through every full preparation and early invitation of customers, our exhibition can gain a lot every time, sometimes forming a prosperous image of customers waiting in line.

However, the invitation is not a very simple thing. If you don't know a customer well, you can't persuade and impress him to come to the scene to interview you. Therefore, before inviting, we must do our homework, fully understand the customer's company structure, purchase preferences and recent products.

Tip 3: ask instead

It is very important to improve the reception efficiency because we need to receive a large number of customers every day! The demand is asked. Quickly finding out the "five elements of customers" is the key to success. By asking the following questions, lock and distinguish the ABC classification of customers!

·What kind of business does the customer want?

·Have you bought similar products before? If so, where can I buy it?

·How much do you buy in a year? How many times a year?

This lays a key foundation for future tracking! In this way, at least 50% of the reception efficiency can be improved!

Tip 4: close the deal quickly

Through the rapid promotion of the transaction process, we can quickly determine the customer's transaction intention!

I have always regarded the principle of quick transaction as TMD principle. That's t-today; m-money; d-deliver!

In a huge exhibition, customers have been blindfolded. If you can't make sure that he is the first one, the customers at that time have lost a lot of patience. At this time, if you can't persuade him to close the deal quickly, he is likely to lose your patience and make you lose a business that could have been negotiated.

Therefore, it's very important to lock in the potential customers quickly and urge them to make a deal immediately!

Tip 5: introduce old customers

By inviting customers, quickly promote the progress of the project at hand! For key customers, progress is the key task. Only step by step can a deal be concluded! Or let old customers introduce more customers and expand your customer base! This is the rule of sustainable management!

In a word, effective participation is a subject worthy of your careful consideration. To do the above five keys well will help you to be invincible in the increasingly harsh environment! This is one of the core ways to improve your performance.