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"Industrial Internet" is accelerating the rise of textile industry how to grasp this new g

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"Industrial Internet" is accelerating the rise of textile industry how to grasp this new g

Ma Huateng, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Tencent's board of directors and chief executive officer, brought a proposal on "accelerating the development of industrial Internet and promoting the high-quality development of the real economy". He believed that the development of industrial Internet still needs multiple assistance at the tuyere of digital transformation. In his proposal, he proposed to promote the construction of information infrastructure and promote the development of cloud Several suggestions on the development of computing innovation and the promotion of key core technology breakthroughs.

"Industrial Internet is the advanced stage of Internet deepening development, and also the inevitable requirement of industrial transformation and upgrading. Industrial Internet and consumer Internet complement each other and are conditions and support for each other.". Ma Huateng said that at present, China's economy has changed from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. Accelerating the development of the industrial Internet is of great significance to the high-quality development of the real economy.

With the Internet transformation of traditional industries, a unicorn of industrial Internet will be born in every industry in the future! Clothing, food, housing and transportation are four industries of rigid demand, and the last three industries have all produced platform unicorn. Only "clothing" has become the depression of industrial Internet. Huge depression means huge opportunities. Internet and manufacturing giants have made great efforts to enter.

In the first half of 2018, the state promulgated a series of policies to support the industrial Internet: the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on deepening the development of the Internet + advanced manufacturing industry", and the Ministry of industry and commerce also issued the industrial Internet development action plan (2018 - 2020), the industrial Internet special working group 2018 work plan, and industrial interconnection. Network app cultivation project plan (2018-2020), it can be said that the policy system supporting the development of industrial Internet has been formed, and the construction of industrial Internet platform is hot, which has attracted much attention in the fields of textile and clothing.

The textile and garment industry is in a period of pressure superposition. At the same time, the emergence of new technologies and new models such as industry 4.0, big data, artificial intelligence, c2m, s2b2c, etc., makes the Internet of textile and garment industry enter the fast lane of transformation and upgrading. Each vertical industry field can be reshaped once. It is crucial to seize the current industry development opportunities.

The main attack on Internet +, the acceleration of industrial clusters.

The industrial Internet can't be promoted, but must come into being. At present, the new retail is setting off a consumer revolution, while the new manufacturing is deeply transforming the supply side. The concepts of flexible production, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain coordination are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The industrial Internet has gained the soil of natural growth. The once-in-a-lifetime industrial adjustment, great change and great opportunity require enterprises to lay out in advance.

"It must be more intuitive to let customers experience the effect of curtain cloth with VR technology through the Internet." Recently, the 2019 Hangzhou International fabric fashion (spring) exhibition and the first home textile online Expo opened in China fabric City, "smart store" booth attracted many curtain fabric enterprises and merchants to stop and exchange.

Walking into one of the "smart stores", Ms. Yang, a businessman from Jiaxing Haiyan, wearing VR glasses, directly experienced a "immersive experience". "In the past, when we recommended the color and style of curtain cloth to customers, they couldn't imagine the effect. Even if the skin was worn, customers wouldn't dare to place an order," she said. Now, wearing VR glasses can directly see the matching effect between curtain cloth style and home decoration, which is very persuasive. " Ms. Yang told reporters that she planned to find an Internet company at the exhibition and lead the "smart store" to her own store.

In fact, in Yuhang, such a smart marketing model is nothing new. In addition to changing the traditional store display mode, Yuhang home textile enterprises also rely on the Internet to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Take Hangzhou KuTang Vision Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, the company has built a comprehensive e-commerce service platform for the home textile industry, which divides the original long industrial chain into three links: production, brand distribution and retail, customizing a set of software system for each link, making it fully connected, and realizing online sales integration.

"The new marketing mode has brought new vitality to the development of traditional industries." Yuhang said that at present, digital industrialization and industrial digitalization are constantly fermenting, and Yuhang will also actively build an Internet platform for home textile industry, through the integration of advantageous resources, help the home textile industry to seek breakthroughs in increasing channels, developing markets and selling convenience, and explore a smart path for the integration and development of traditional industries and Internet technology.

Scientific and technological innovation, leading industrial transformation and upgrading

With the emergence of new entrances, new models and new interfaces, the original industrial ecology is in the process of fluctuation and deconstruction. As a huge tuyere, the Internet of textile and garment industry will inevitably give birth to many unprecedented new economic growth points.

All weather monitoring, digital drive, refined production Recently, Shaoxing English printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. has installed a smart "brain" for its own dye vat, attracting a lot of attention. Entering the printing and dyeing workshop, we can see all kinds of data beating on the blue electronic display screen, "brain" dynamically monitors the operation process of each dye cylinder 24 hours, once there is an exception, it will give an early warning, so as to effectively improve the dye qualification rate.

This is the epitome of Keqiao's digitalization of printing and dyeing industry and its new competitiveness. Last year, the textile industry big data center of China Light Textile City Group Co., Ltd. jointly developed "printing and dyeing brain" with a group of pilot enterprises to explore the deep integration of the real economy with the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence. Shaoxing English printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. is one of the pilot enterprises participating in the construction.

The low pass rate of printing and dyeing is a common pain point in the industry. According to the relevant person in charge of English printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., traditional small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises, from the sample proofing sheet to the plan sheet of mass production, are prone to produce problems such as difference of size and sample, unstable production process, low first-time qualification rate, etc., resulting in a large amount of waste of energy consumption, material and human cost.

Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, "printing and dyeing brain" is expected. According to Zhang Xiaoming, Ph.D. of big data center of textile industry of China Light Textile City Group Corporation, the so-called "printing and dyeing brain" is to use artificial intelligence equipment to conduct real-time dynamic adjustment through precise analysis and collection of data, trace management of dyeing, pattern design and other operations, constantly optimize the technological process, improve the once qualified rate of dyeing, realize energy conservation and emission reduction, improve quality and efficiency of enterprises 。

Since October last year, through the continuous improvement of the "printing and dyeing brain" process, the operation of English printing and dyeing has undergone gratifying changes: the once-a-day dyeing qualification rate has been significantly improved, and the number of daily feeding has also been significantly reduced. It is estimated that for every 1% increase in the first pass rate of dyeing, the production cost will be reduced by 1% and the benefit will be increased by 10%.

Keqiao District Information Bureau official said, next will promote the pilot, so that more enterprises to share the technology dividend, guide enterprises to accelerate the construction of digital workshop, intelligent chemical plant, through intelligent manufacturing, "Internet +", "big data +" reshape the traditional printing and dyeing industry structure, promote the industry to high quality development.